I'm a licensed architect practicing in Seattle, USA.  My specialty is workplace design and over the past 30 years, I've designed large and small spaces primarily for commercial users. I also photograph commercial interiors and portraits for various clients and web sites.  I use Leica and Canon gear as well as vintage film cameras.  Whichever equipment I have in my hand, I consider it to be the optimal tool I need for that particular moment to capture the light.



Caffe Umbria

Verona - Iconic Scenes

Seattle, WA

March 2020

Caffe Senso Unico

Venezia - Photos of Venice

Seattle, WA

February 2020


Leica Gallery San Francisco

5th Anniversary Celebration group exhibit

August 2019


Leica Bellevue - Oskar Barnack Wall 

January 2017 



Featured cover photo for online French Canadian magazine

Selected photo for group exhibit

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