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I'm a licensed architect practicing in Seattle, USA.  My specialty is workplace design and over the past 30 years, I've designed large and small spaces primarily for commercial users.  I also photograph commercial interiors for various clients and websites.  My interests include landscape, travel, and more recently, night sky photography. I primarily use Canon and Leica gear, but occasionally shoot with vintage film cameras I've collected over the years.


Image selected for gallery curated by Foto Kasten
Summer 2020

Seattle Times
Reader's Lens featured selection
April 2020 

Caffe Umbria
Verona - Iconic Scenes
Seattle, WA
March 2020

Caffe Senso Unico
Venezia - Photos of Venice
Seattle, WA
February 2020
Leica Gallery San Francisco
5th Anniversary Celebration
Group Exhibit

August 2019
Leica Bellevue
Image selected for Oskar Barnack Wall 
January 2017 

Featured cover photo for French Canadian magazine
Selected photo for group exhibit

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